Beex Product Includes: 


Beex Company Hub:
This is a company's private experiences HUB. Our data-based HUBs can be adapted to any company's unique culture. 

Private HUB.png

Company logo 

Company branded banner

Experiences tailored towards the company culture

Team Self-Managing:
Once a team finds an experience they want, the platform is self-serving. 

Team order.png

Choose option and group size

Confirm interest and proceed

All experience info is here

Administrative Dashboard:
View and manage your company's private Hub easily through our operation system.


Oversee active experiences

Manage users and permissions

Design your branded platform settings

Mobile 1.png

Experience Management App:
With beex app, the team's experience is enhanced through social interactions and is monitored and supported by our experience agents

The vendor access the team through his app

Booking, attending, and viewing all experience details in the app

Experience Analytics:
Our innovative experience data analytics dashboard will help you to enhance each experience and make more data-driven decisions 

Screen 1.png

Follow the experience engagment time line

See participant ratings

Overall engagment and ROI for the experience