Provider FAQ

How do I become a Beex creator?

In order to become a Beex creator, all you need to do is to fill out the following form and accept the terms and conditions. Once this has been completed, our team will reach out to you to get you on board!

The main mission of Beex is to help you grow your business. We do the market research and can advise you on the most reasonable and competitive prices for your experiences, but in the end, you are in control of the prices of your own experiences.

How are the prices of our experiences determined?

How do I receive the orders that are placed throught Beex?

Your experiences will be promoted on our marketplace. Once the customer placed the order, we will coordinate all of the details with you. 

What is the Beex vetting process?

In order to ensure your experiences meet the highest quality standards before we will expose them on our platform, we will do the following: (a) Short interview with you   (b) Web referencing on your service  (c) Ask you to provide us with 2-3 corporate customer recommendations, describing the positive experiences that these companies have had with you as their vendor. 

What does the order process look like?

1. A customer has shown interest in your experience    2. Our team will contact you to coordinate all the details 
3. A customer places an order     4. You execute the experience      5. We make the payment

What kind of experiences can I offer on Beex?

We are focusing on Team-Building physical experiences that are all about having fun together. Your experience should stand out in an enterprise standard, meaning it has to be creative, engaging, unique, and meet all the safety requirements. You and your business must have all the insurance and approvals in place.

How and when do I get paid?

You will be paid by Beex US once the experience has been completed and by the end of the following month.

Who does Beex market my experiences to?

We focus on large corporate companies in the Hi-Tech industry. A few of our existing clients include HP, IBM, Philips, Walk Me, Intel, Veronis, Radware etc.

Corporate FAQ

Yes you can and here are the benefits of doing it: 
1. It will save your employees time (up to 1 working day of coordinating the experience)
2. More enterprise discounts
3. Dedicated Beex customer support
4. Operation system to overview all running experiences
5. Engagement data on all employee experiences 

Can I manage my company's annual/semiannual employee wellbeing budget with Beex?

Can I talk to someone in Beex before I place an order?

Our dedicated experiences manager is always available to answer any questions you may have and resolve any issues with planning and executing the experiences.

If I didn't find the exact experience I was looking for, can you help me? 

There are hundreds of great experiences that we have in the marketplace. Please leave an inquiry in the system, our dedicated experiences manager will contact you to get all the details and find the one that suits you best.

Who are the creators of Beex's experiences?

The incredible creators, who cannot settle for less than perfect for their customers, are the people behind the Beex experiences. They are vetted, they are service-oriented, they are customer-obsessed, they are unique.

How do you vet the creators of the experiences?

In order to ensure the experiences meet the highest quality standards before we expose them on our platform, we do the following:1. Short interview   2. Web referencing on their service   3. We ask them to provide us 2-3 corporate customer recommendations, describing the positive experiences that these companies have had with them as their vendor. 

What if there's an experience we want to execute through the Beex platform?

Not a problem. We are always happy to take on new recommended creators and expose them to other corporations. Leave us a message with all the details and we will do it.